Jul 7, 2021

Busy Days 😘. Good Times 😎

 Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to 
accomplish something big, that we fail to notice
 the little things that give life its magic...

I have been very lucky in that since Arvid is away,
 I have been very busy.  I love being busy πŸ˜‹ makes
 the days go by even faster and by evenings I 
am really worn out in a very good way πŸ˜™

The cats have been a godsend. First I feel 
so very good doing something I love, and second 
because they also keep me busy and happy.

I have been seeing more of my sister and Kimsy also, 
although when Arvid is here we do see them frequently 
as well. Of course I am loving this. Every time we get
 together we try and do a little something different . 

J in in Puerto Rico again. He came in on Sunday
 and leaves next Sunday.  It’s his birthday week. 
He texted me Sunday night and said “auntie 
Nad I want to take you out to dinner” 😘

On Monday the four of us went out. We had a very
 good time.  We walked around the beach a little, and 
we had way too much to eat.  It was good.  Moments 
 like these make being in Puerto Rico even better.

I have trapped another cat.  His name is Rascal,
 and  he’s the brother of Spotify.  I was not sure 
he would show up, but so happy he didπŸ˜ƒ.

There are still lots to trap but it’s getting a little 
more difficult. So are way too cautious  others 
are still too little to be spayed/neutered as 
yet, and then there is Mama/Bully.

Mama just gave birth  have not seen her new
 babies as yet.  She’s mom to Spotify and Rascal.

Regarding Mama, I was told by the vet that I
 would have to wait at least a month until she had
 weaned her babies. Hopefully then I can get her 
also. In the short time we have been here, this 
is Mama’s second litter/pregnancy πŸ˜”

Weather wise it is HOT 🌞 as in very HOT 🌞
 but no rain since Arvid has left  so that’s good.  I 
continue to do walks in the mornings and
 some days I also go to the beach area.

Because Arvid is not around I do it a little
 differently. I don’t mind stopping and sitting at 
one of the restaurants and maybe having a
 little sangria or piΓ±a colada once in a while. 
 Makes the afternoons so much better.

I find that being alone I have time to do
 a lot more 😊 I have gone to my “favorite” 
coffee shop more than I ever have 😍

It’s really nice to just not have to run back
 home at a certain hour to cook or clean. It’s very
 quiet without Arvid. Sniff and I are very relaxed and
 enjoying our days, but also look forward to his 
coming home.  In the meantime, I also hope 
Arvid's having a good time in NorwayπŸ˜‚

 I picture Arvid in Norway and I can only smile 😊
  I’m sure he’s having a good time with everyone  especially 
after not seeing them on so long πŸ˜…. As I said to him
 this morning, "you only have 18 more days"  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I'm still smiling and I know today is going to be a
 good day.  I have a doctors appointment and I just 
hope I do not get lost finding the place.  Arvid
 and I did do a test run there before he left.

Happy Wednesday to all.  Somehow I can't stop 
smiling especially after talking to Arvid 😍. 

The little things? The little moments?  They aren't little...