Jul 21, 2021

Wednesday July 21st ~

 A happy person is not a person in a 
certain set of circumstances but rather a 
person with a certain set of attitudes...

The days are going by way fast before I

it, 😉 Saturday is here; 😊I can’t wait for Thursday

 when I bring ShyBoy home. I know I will have to

 soon call her Shygirl, it will take some time.

Sniff still eating randomly but as his vet in 

Florida has said,” that’s not bad.”  She

 said that MY Sniff was overweight 😡

All is good but I am looking forward to 

Arvid being back home. Now I’m missing him

 some 🤫.  I know he's enjoying family time.

Sniffs sleeps a lot but, he has not been in the 
office since Arvid left, but yesterday I could not find
 him and there he was sleeping on the bunk bed.  
He has not slept there since Arvid left 😉

Sniff somehow knows his dada will soon
 be home, and he's getting back into a little 😍

routine in preparation for his dada's return.

The only thing that will make you 

happy is being happy with who you are...