Jul 10, 2021

Saturday July 10th ~

 When you practice gratefulness, there is
 a sense of respect towards others...

Somedays are just picture perfect
 and yesterday was one of them.

It's always better when we're two, but even so I still
 can enjoy doing things on my own and liking it very much. 
 When I became a widow ohhh so many years ago, everyone
 thought it was strange I would be able to go out to restaurants,
 movies or places on my own.  Everyone but me.

I prefer doing these outings with Arvid, but it has never
 bothered me to do things by myself.  Fortunately, I also have
 my sister around so we do a few things together also.

Warm, sunny, hot actually.  The day is looking good 
and the possibilities also.  May your day also be 
filled with wonder and all things good.

At the end of the day I am thankful that my
 blessings are bigger than my problems...