Oct 13, 2023

Friday October 13~

Hot weather makes people do crazy things,
 like wearing socks with sandals...

 So yesterday we woke up to a very warm morning. Of course
according to the newscasters, it is the warmest October 12th recorded in the
 area for god knows how many years.  Bottom line, it was a very warm start 
of the day, even so Sniff was on the cold side.  more of the same today.

Arvid and I finally had time to go to one of our favorite 
Thursday restaurant 🍜.  The food was amazing and was 
definitely good to be back.  "Our" girl remembered us.

It's Friday.  That means a trip downtown and pizza to 
end the evening.  That is of it does not rain.  Should it rain,
 I'm thinking maybe the movies.  Either way, it will be good.

Sniff is doing great.  Didn't take him more than an hour if so long 
to get adjusted to being back in Florida.  Sniff is my happy place.

It's Friday again.  Wishing everyone a good
 day and a great weekend ahead.  Friday sees more
 smiles than any other day of the workweek 😍

Your patience when you have nothing. 
 Your attitude when you have everything...