Oct 27, 2023

Friday October 27th ~

Every day is a good day. There is
 something to learn, care and celebrate...

Last night Sniff was being his cute self.. AGAIN.  Arvid
 got up (big mistake) from his chair to get a glass of water. 
 Sniff took the opportunity to sneak up and steal Arvid's chair. 
I have to say I was very surprised that Arvid sat on the edge of
 the seat for over half an hour while Sniff was just relaxing
 in the back.  Arvid said, "he's keeping me warm."

Yesterday was the last appointment for this week.  Of course the
 doctor added an new thing I needed to get done 😁 I never knew this kind
 of life before where each day was packed with one, sometimes two doctors
 appointments.  Looking forward to no appointments the next three days.  

Friday.  Maybe we will just take it easy and stay in this evening. 
 I don't mind.  Even Arvid is okay with that, but come Saturday,
 we would most likely be restless, so we may have to have a little
 Saturday outing instead 😂.  The day is still young so this 
may all change depending on how we feel later today.

Downtown is getting ready to party and some.  Will be be there for
 the party?  Only time will tell.  Most likely we will be home with Sniff.

A happy Friday to all and if you're going
 to party remember don't drink and drive.

It's Friday, time to let go of stress and 
have some fun. The weekend is calling...