Oct 14, 2023

Saturday October 14th ~

We taught you to be yourself and follow your dreams
 now, it's time for you to put all of our advice to use...

 On Thursday the baby in our family turned 16.  The years 
just flew by, and next thing you know the little girl is no
 longer little anymore.  Happy sweet 16 Lilly Vade 🎊

I have more vivid memories of Lilly Vade as a "baby" 
rather than this all grown up teenager.  She was the cutest
 little girl and today she is a beautiful young woman.

I may have taken more pictures of my nieces and nephews
 than their own parents have.  I just love taking pictures.
LV was born in Texas.  Her two brothers in Florida.

Too many pictures to go through, of course 
I get distracted and then I want to use them all.

Congratulations Lilly Vade on turning 16! You've still got
 a lot of growing up to do! There is so much more to learn,
 but I think you're going to be an excellent adult and we wish
 you all the best on your journey.  I love you Lily Vade.

This morning Sniff is a little more tired than usual.  The bad weather 
kept him awake a lot.  He did have a few good hours sleeping in 
Arvid's arms through the night.  Arvid woke up all stiff, but he said
 he didn't want to move because he didn't want Sniff to wake up.

One of the main lessons to remember — pave your own path in life.,,