Oct 18, 2014

And So It Ends..

And then I realized that Adventures are the best way to learn...

Our road trip has come to an end.  We have had a very good time, but like always,
 we are happy to be going home to Brutus.  No matter how good a time 
we are having he is always in our thoughts and in our hearts.  

I have had quite a lot of time to do some things on my own and I did enjoy it a lot.  I have 
walked and walked so much, I believe that I have covered every part of the Las Vegas Strip.
  Both Arvid and I are quite tired of eating out so it will be nice to be back home and 
have home cooked meals again.  Strange how it's the little things we miss a lot.

The last 4 days Arvid was busy in meetings so that gave me lots of "free" time.
We would meet for lunch and for gathering in the evenings with friends.

On our last night we went to see John Fogerty in concert.  As usual he never disappoints.  
We have been lucky to see him once a year.  One of our favorites of all times.

Our road trip started in Dallas.  Then it took us through Arizona to the Grand Canyon 
and lastly to Las Vegas, Nevada.  To all I would highly recommend exploring
more of this great country of ours.  The journey has been amazing,
but now we are both ready to head back home to our Brutus.

Going home and spending time with loved ones keeps you grounded...