Oct 6, 2014


The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page...

Pretty soon Arvid and I will be on the road again.  This time our travels take us within
the United States of America.  As far as I am concerned nowhere better to be.

I will say that our favorite city of all times is Chicago.  Both Arvid
 and I miss it very much and sometimes we think of what could have been....

Our road next trip will take us to Texas, Arizona, and Las Vegas.
We have booth been to these cities before and look forward very much to going again.

Texas was home to my sister and family for some years.  Arvid and
 I have fond memories of these trips visiting them as seen in the above pictures.

As with everything some places hold a special place in our hearts.  Before Arvid, I lived in NYC.
At the time, I never thought I would like it any other place but there.  Then
I moved to California.  Again I fell in love with it.  The time lived there
and the memories made has greatly shaped the woman I am today.

My favorite travels are those that take us right here within these United States of
America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  For one, the travel time is just a
few hours and truthfully I like everything AMERICAN!!!

To all a wonderful day and don't forget, wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Yesterday Arvid and I went to Jaxon's Ice Cream parlor in Dania Beach.  If you can
 eat this banana split all by yourself and not get sick then you are a better person
 than I am.  It was YUMMY, but way huge.  Five can eat from it.
Next time you're in for a treat try one.

A man travels the world over in search of
 what he needs and returns home to find it....