Oct 30, 2014

Thursday... Looks Good

Our life is not perfect, but it does have perfect moments....

A very nice advantage of living in Florida is that when the cold weather settles into the rest
of the world, we are still warm.  Yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather and
we had a little drive along the beach and the Las Olas area.  Unplanned, was just
very nice to get out for some fresh air.  Ever since Brutus had
surgery on the 23rd, I have not left the house.

  I stocked up with everything we would need because I knew he was going to need 24-7 care.
 Yesterday as he was asleep we went out and though I had some misgivings about leaving
him all alone, Arvid talked me into it.  As he said, "nothing like the music blasting,
and the top down."  I was sold pretty fast and it was invigorating and fun.

Driving along the beach in Fort Lauderdale is always fun.  You never know what to expect
and what you will see.  There is currently quite a few new constructions coming up.

No matter what time of the year or what time of the day, there is always something
going on and there are always people..mainly tourists at the beach; for us Floridians,
 the water is just too cold right now, but for tourists it's just perfect always.

Brutus is still not well.  His paw is bothering him all the time, but he has been really good
about it.  He takes a LOT of pills these days and today it just did not sit well with him.
After giving him his medicines the poor thing just could not digest it and puked
 all over the place.  Finally he went to sleep so at least for a few hours he
will be rested.  Can't wait for the day he will one day be better again.

Wishing you all a good day.  It's a good day here at home.
Hope the same is for all of you.  Everything is not perfect, but not the worst either.

It's not that life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as expected.
I just choose to be happy and grateful, no matter how it turns out...