Oct 31, 2014

Can Be Yours If The Price Is Right....

The more money the louder it talks, 
unfortunately style doesn't have to...

This Halloween costume costs $1.6 million.

Whatever happened to those days when one was creative,
and made ones own costumes?

You know there will be tons of buyers lining up to get this costume.
After all, how many can claim they own a million dollar plus Halloween costume. 
 Yep stranger things have happened.  There are many out there who's passion is to brag
about what they have, what it cost and so forth.  This is the perfect time to do so by owning this.

Definitely not my style, my taste and even if we had the money which we don't, 
NEVER would I want such a thing.  Bragging rights or not.  Many better ways to use money.

Happy Halloween to all.

It's so much fun to scare as to be scared...