Oct 9, 2014

Road Trip...

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.
Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination....

We are most happy when we are on the move.   Seems like constantly doing 
something or going somewhere is a way of life for us.  This is the norm in our world, 
and we both love it.  The one drawback for us it that we cannot always take Brutus with us.  

Yes, we worry about him and we constantly check in with his pet sitter.  
Brutus is in the best possible hands  and in that sense we are relieved.

Both Arvid and I are high energy people.  Neither of us can sit still for long.  
Maybe not always the best, but for now I know no other way of life and I like it.

Jenn and I..long time ago
Today we start a road trip that will take us to Dallas, Texas.  First things first we
 will be checking up on some of our investments there.  From there we head to 
Arizona and the Grand Canyon.  Always incorporating a little business with fun stuff.

 I hope I can meet up with a very special friend of mine if possible.  
For me this trip is already worth it just to meet up with her again.  
Together we shared some beautiful times in New York. 

  Red hair, green eyes...she's the devil in person and boy we sure have always had a good time.
 I just wonder how we managed to stay out of trouble in New York.  I mean together we
 were just always barging into everything.  Not always good when working 
on the streets  of New York.  We worked as EMT"S for NYC.

 From Arizona, we take off to Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, we will not make it to California
as planned.  I was so much looking forward to going by my old home.  Another time it 
will be.  Quite a lot of driving in a few days, but as always looking forward to all of it. 

A journey is like marriage. 
The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it....