Oct 28, 2014

Technology, Sometimes Just Annoying....

One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.
No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man...

Like I don't have enough to keep me busy and stressed, the latest is that my laptop has been
 hacked into.  Not exactly the most pleasant of experiences, but like everyone who has been 
through this, I changed passwords.  I will recommend everyone to at least change 
passwords every other month.  Sounds crazy, but this is not the first time this 
has happened time and trust me it can cause a lot of craziness in your life.

Have been waking up early and several times during the night for Brutus these last few days.  
I use my IPhone as a flashlight and of course whenever there is a new message I see it. 
 So two nights ago as I was waiting for Brutus to use the litter I see a new message.
Checked it and it was from a cousin asking if I had sent her so and so email.

It was 2am.  Nope, I said not me.  Did not pay much attention to it until my sister asked me the
 same thing and yesterday as Arvid was talking to a friend in Norway his wife asked if I had
 sent her an email also.  Well to her I did, but that was a few summers ago. Of course
 after hearing this from more people I paid attention and changed everything.

This is just so very annoying and makes me mad that this can happen. We love technology. 
 Without it many of us will probably be lost.  I know I will for sure, but at the same time 
it can also be our worst enemy.  Right now that's how I feel.  Tomorrow when I am
less annoyed guess it will be OK again, but for now technology is my enemy.

Our technological powers increase,
 but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate...