Oct 13, 2014

Las Vegas Here We Are Here...

Everything and anything you want to do
you can do in Las Vegas...

Today we head out to Las Vegas.  The last time Arvid and I were here we
stayed at the MGM Grand.  We were there to see the fight with Oscar De La Hoya
 against Bernard Hopkins. We were all prepared for an evening of entertainment.  
We had the best seats in the house. Drinks in hand we sat down as the fighters came on.  

Before you can say what happened, the fight was over.  Oscar De La Hoya was knocked out.  
Not what we expected, but it happens.  Guess the fight lasted longer than I actually 
remembered. The thing is Arvid and I had a blast and something to always remember.

Just the idea of being in this city is exciting.  Sin City here we come.

Neither Arvid nor I are the types that like to gamble, but who knows
I will of course try my luck and let the dice roll.  Who knows,
I might come out the big winner for the night.  
Anticipation kicking in.

If you know how to live in Vegas you can have the best time...