Oct 8, 2014

Brutus Again...

There are only two times I feel stress, DAY and NIGHT....

Brutus is done with the second pill.  Has been done a few days now, but we have noticed that
the swelling is still there and that it is now starting to ooze a little.  Not happy because 
soon we will be on the road and now I am stressed.  Stressed because it seems
the problem we thought was under control is now reappearing.

I called the vet and was told that for now I can try and soak his paw twice a day, five minutes 
each with an Epsom Salt solution.  Now we are talking about a cat here.  What cat will 
allow you to soak their paw for 5 minutes, and two times a day?  Then if you know 
Brutus, you will know that this is nothing but MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

Of course there was also the second recommendation should this fail.  Once again Brutus might 
have to undergo surgery to clean out the infection.  I'm stressed.  I need to learn and do 
what others seem to be able to do.  Meaning I need to learn to let go.  Release 
the stress since I was never in control of it anyway.

Soaking with Epsom Salt is going so-so.  Brutus is now afraid of everything.  He
is thinking that we are about to give him medicines.

This morning about 4am we heard him gurgling.  Arvid jumped out of bed
 to see what  was going on.  Brutus was just puking.  Guess it's from
 licking the Epsom Salt off his paw.  Why can't he get better?

Not very happy right now because there is absolutely nothing I can do.  November he
 will probably be going in for another, biopsy his paw most likely will be cut
 open once again.  Like I have said life is not easy.  Not easy at all.

Good morning everyone.  I am a firm believer in the following:
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

I was taught from a very young age that life is not easy. You have to fight for
 your dreams and keep on moving forward. Its okay to look back sometimes too,
 its a reminder where you have been and what you been through. It makes you realize
 how far you have come and keeps you motivated for the future....