Oct 1, 2014

Our Day Yesterday...

Maybe raindrops are the bravest thing created.  Want to know why?
It is because they are never afraid of falling...

OK rain is good.  Rain cleans everything and washes away all the dirt.  Rain makes 
all green again and so forth, but can there be also too much rain at times?

Well definitely so!!!  It has been raining here for about one month or more.

It is starting to become a little too much now.  Yesterday we had to do some running 
around.    One of theses chores was to look at some cars for a customers daughter.
We managed to look at one car before the rain just pelted down on us. 
 On the way to see the second car we  just had to make our way home. 
 Was almost impossible to see through the heavy raindrops.

Styling with my pink umbrella.  Makes walking in the rain seem like fun.

Rain predicted for the next few days....AGAIN!  But for now
the sun is shining and we are happy for that.

Good morning everyone.  As one of my friends
says, time to make the donuts.

Be someone's sunshine today.
Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows...