Apr 9, 2021

Friday ~

 I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me...

It has been busy ever since we woke up.  For both of us.
Being inn Puerto Rico does not mean our business is
 on hold.  Arvid has been busy all morning buying 
a car for one of our customers in Norway.

I did get my morning walk in.  I saw many many 
kitties and I have been meeting some of the neighbors.  
Most come from different parts of the US, and have decided 
to make Puerto Rico their home.  I have met a few from 
Florida also.  Everyone wants to be in PR it seems.

The weather has been beautiful and the sunrise this
 morning was stunning.  It sure took my breath away. 
 Yesterday we saw from our balcony one of the kitties 
we knew.  I named her bully because she used to 
always chase away the others and attack them. 

 When we saw her yesterday she had about 5 babies 
with her.  Broke my heart to see all these babies and
 to know that they will face all sorts of adversities
 and may not live too long. I struggle with this.

Fridays in Puerto Rico.  Always something
 interesting to look forward to.  To all a
 happy weekend.  Be safe be happy.

It's Friday.  It's time to make stories for Monday...