Apr 8, 2021

Thursday April 8th ~

 At this point I'm just going with the flow. 
 Whatever happens, happens...

I got my walk in early this morning.  The mornings are
 beautiful for walks.  Temperature is still on the "cooler" side
 and there is always a little breeze.  Best of all I get to feed all 
the little hungry kitties on the way.  There are so many.  

The truth is not only am I helping them, but they are
 also helping me.  The kitties motivate me to get up early every 
morning and go walking.  Because I know they are hungry and
 they are waiting for me.  Mutually beneficial is how I see it.

Arvid and I stay busy by doing a little something everyday.
Sniff is once again "acting" up.  Suddenly he won't eat.  Of 
course I get stressed.  I don't know if he's missing home 
or is just being fussy, with Sniff it can be anything.

One thing for sure, Sniff sure loves his siesta time.  That has
 not changed, if anything he sleeps even more than before.

Thursday already.  Arvid and I will be trying out something 
different today for lunch.  There is a sandwich restaurant not far
 from us.  Supposed to be very good.  Will see later today.

To all a very good day.  April is breezing away from us.

If you can't control the current of the river 
then don't fight it just go with the flow...