Apr 4, 2021

Happy Easter All~ April 4th

 Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life...

Regular day here.  The sun is shining and the it is warm. 
 Life in the island is very relaxed and calming to our souls.

As always Sniff and I have been awake early. 
 Sniff is of course sound asleep again.  He has already 
been fed and played with  for the morning.  Afternoons he
likes to be brushed.  Very consistent in his routines.

Yesterday we went to my sisters for dinner and they 
surprised me with a cheesecake all lit up with candles for
 my birthday.  had a good time.  We always do.

To all a good day and a Happy Easter.  
Quiet and peaceful times bring us closer
 to our souls true purpose in life 🌻