Apr 6, 2021

Tuesday April 6th ~

 No one is you.  That is your power...

Sniff is slacking off quite a lot these days. 
 I brought  him his favorite blankie from Florida,
 well one of his many favorites.  

This one was also a favorite of Brutus.  I
 bought it in 2015 on our way back from Norway. 
 On Norwegian Air. On our flight back home.

Brutus only used the blankie for a short time 
before he died.  Brutus had it from August 2015 to 
November 2015.  How I miss my Brutus. 

 I love our Sniff, but my Brutus took my heart.  Not a 
day goes by that I don't think of him and wonder if there 
was any way we could have done things differently.

A little kitty I "know" is soon having surgery.  Amputation. 
 Exactly what Brutus went in for, and never came back home.  
I remember saying to the doctor, "he's not going to die is he?"  
😿 The doctor said "no"  As everyone knows, Brutus died 😿
and my heart broke.  Our Brutus never came back home.

Life in Puerto Rico goes at a different pace.  
Of course I love the island, but I am homesick just 
like Sniff.  I always knew we would go back home.
  Now that's not happening. At least not in the near future. 
 Even so, life is good and there are so many reasons to
 be happy and grateful for, and that I am.  Always.

Wishing everyone a great day with better things to come. 
 Life is slowly getting back to "normal" the new normal
 that is.  Happy Tuesday everyone.  Make it amazing.

I believe that everything in life happens 
for a reason.  I have to believe this...