Apr 3, 2021

Life Goes On ~ April 3rd

 I'm not going to hold my breath because life goes on.
 Life is too short to sit around moaning about
 what could have been or what was...

Even though it rained quite a but yesterday, we were very
 lucky that it had stopped when it was time to go to the beach 
for dinner.  My birthday was very special in so many ways 🎂
  I am happy because I spent it with the one I love and because
 I received messages and calls from everyone that mattered.

Soccer is back on after a 2 week break.  Arvid is very happy. 
 As he says, "I'm fully booked"  Arvid is always a happy
 man, one of the many reasons I love him so very much.  
Not much phases him even when I am "offensive" 
at him.  Claims he likes it.  Very "special" indeed.

All is looking good today.  No rain as of this minute. 
 The boys are happy as am I.  Sniff is starting to feel a little
 more at home again.  Yesterday J asked, "is Sniff still 
homesick?"  I said yes, we both are.  But today is a 
new day and a good one.  Happy day to all.

No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today,
 life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow...