Apr 30, 2021

Friday ~The Weekend Is Here

 I've got that Friday feeling...

Sniff and my little feral kitties were running low 
on foodies.  Petsmart sure is a life saver.  Unfortunately,
 here in Puerto Rico I cannot order from Chewy.  Chewy 
does not deliver in Puerto Rico, but PetSmart and 
Chewy offer the same foddies Sniff eats 🙌.

Arvid always asks why I buy so much cat food, but even so he 
is always there to help me carry it up to our apartment. This is
 probably one of the few times we actually use the elevator. 
 Otherwise it's just the steps for us.  Not that many really.  

Friday is looking quiet. dark clouds and very windy.
  A very good day to sit out on the balcony.  Enjoy the view 
and each others company. That is also very nice.

Yesterday we went to Luquillo.  We ad lunch and some.  
Unfortunately it rained quite heavily.  We were not able 
to do much walking around and checking out the beach.
  There is always another time, looking forward to it.

As a child growing up in Puerto Rico the beach was 
where we went every weekend.  Puerto Ricans love the 
water and if they could live permanently on the beach and
 be in the water all day long they would.  And we were 
raised also going to the beach every chance possible.

Puerto Rico has many many beaches and one we
 always loved going to was Luquillo.  We enjoyed going
 to the kiosks afterwards for fruit.  We grew up in the tropics,
 and for us having a coconut regularly was a common thing.  
I really miss those days, but happy to be experiencing
 it once again with Arvid.  I see it with different eyes. 😍

Luquillo and the Kiosks were all destroyed by hurricane 
Maria.  It's slowly starting to take shape again, and then
 with the pandemic progress stopped.  Once again it looks
 like rebuilding is happening. Everyone loves Luquillo.

To all a good day.  As my sister says every Friday, :time to do the Friday dance."

Forget about all the bad things that happened to
 you this week and just have a great weekend...