Apr 22, 2021

Rincon (The Corner) Puerto Rico ~

 Sunset is the opening music of the night...

“The corner” of Puerto Rico, where the Caribbean Sea 
meets the Atlantic Ocean, has been a vacation favorite for years 
 although its visitors tend to be low-key. Rincón is a leisure town, 
where the pace is slower, and the people are welcoming. If you’re 
looking to get away from the rush of a big city, this place is the
 perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in local island vibes.

A chance to see the most beautiful sunsets in Puerto 
Rico is the first reason to make the trip to Rincón, 
a town known for its amazing twilight colors.

With more than eight miles of coastline, Rincón beaches are
 secluded, smaller, and have unique personalities. The locations 
are some of the most pristine destinations on the main island, 
where you can surf, snorkel, swim, power dive, and more.

With numerous beaches to choose from, this western hub
 is also a haven for those who love the water, especially surfing.

While the town boasts several famous surf spots, 
you’ll also find beaches where you can snorkel, paddleboard,
 dive, fish, swim, and relax — as well as places where you 
can mountain bike, horseback ride, and of course, 
delight in the sunsets every evening.

Above is from 2 days ago.  My sister in New York, and the 
snow kept on coming.  Here in PR we have summer all day 
long, whereas other places the snow still is falling.

I do enjoy the snow and seeing it, but I'm sure happy to be where
 we are.  Good morning all and a beautiful day to everyone.

Looking forward to seeing some amazing sunsets,
 and hoping it does not rain.  That would be a definite 
bummer.  Rincon is know for amazing sunsets.

Sunsets are proof that no matter what 
happens, every day can end beautifully...