Apr 27, 2021

Tuesday April 27th ~

 Try to be a little better everyday...

Another beautiful morning.  Already had a good start
 with my walk.  Met a few of the neighbors, chatted a little
with them and saw the sunrise.  Kitties were fed.  Seems 
like everyday there is another little kitty popping up.  

This morning I was able to touch one of the little kitties. 
 She's know as Marble because of her multi-coloring.  Named by 
another lady who also walks and feeds them.  This lady leaves
 in 2 weeks 😢, and won't be back until September-October.

 Like most Americans living in PR, she stays here six
months out of the year.  The other Americans have either 
made it their permanent residence or they come and go.
As of  right now not sure what category we fall into.

No day would be complete  without a picture of our Sniff.

Wishing everyone happy times ahead.  Weather is warming up 
in most places so that's always a good thing.  Summer is in the air.

You may be tired and exhausted, but at least
 you woke up today.  Someone else didn't...