Apr 11, 2021

Sunday Vibes ~

 Being a family means you are a part of 
something very wonderful. It means you will 
love and be loved for the rest of your life...

Relaxing, peaceful, quiet.  The three of us still in
 bed at the same time for a change.  Usually I am awake 
and out way before Arvid.  Was good to sleep in.

Next Sunday routine is to call his mother, 
Victoria and Michelle in Norway.  A routine that
 has been going on for over 20 years 💗

Here at home we look forward to lunch with Nirvana 
J and Kimsy.  Always a very special time together.  
Weather has been really good these last few days.
  No rain just blue waters and blue skies.

After 14 months Nirvana, J and Kimsy will make 
their way to North Carolina.  Vaccinated and feeling
 better that my mom and dad will be safe.  finally the day
 has come where all of us will soon see our parents
 again.  Arvid and I saw them at the end of February.  
Now the rest of my sisters are following suit.

Hopefully by summer it will also be OK to travel
 to Europe ✈.  Arvid has not seen his mother since 
summer of 2019, and the last time we saw Victoria,
 Michelle and the gang was February/March 2020.  

Wishing everyone a great day.  Looking forward to
 seeing my sister and the "kids"  I'm smiling all the time.

We may have our differences, but
 nothing's more important than family...