Apr 10, 2021

It's Time ~ Saturday April 10th

 Look for the good in every person and
 every situation.  You almost always find it...

Both Arvid and I were holding out to get the Covid-19 
vaccine,  but we figure it's time.  My entire family is already 
vaccinated except for Lilly Vade who is under 14th, Sachin, 
Gabsy and Riley. It's in the works I am sure.  Pretty soon 
everyone will be vaccinated.  Guess that's good.

In Norway Arvid's mom has been vaccinated,
 but as of right now the rest of the family are waiting
 to get their appointments.  Hopefully soon also.

We both have appointments on the same day, but different 
locations and of course different times.  Unfortunately I 
was not able to get them at the same location.  Bummer.  
Arvid's is closer to home, mine is almost an hour away.

Saturday.  Filled with soccer and more soccer.  Arvid
 and Sniff very happy..  I'm happy as well because I can then
 read without being disturbed too often.  The good life 😍

Hello Saturday.  Please be good to us all.💛

Look for something positive everyday, even
 if some days you have to look a little harder...