Apr 14, 2021

Wednesday April 14th ~

 Make your someday today...

Every night Sniff waits for me to get up so that he can
 "steal" my chair.  Once I do he jumps up and Arvid covers 
him up with his favorite blankie.  The blankie is hanging by
 threads, but Sniff loves it and he gets covered every night
 around 9:30   I have to seek alternate seating 😂

Lately Shyboy has not been around.  I saw him on 
Monday, not in his usual spot.  I did not see him most of last
 week nor did I see him yesterday or today.  I have a soft spot
 for him.  Arvid says I have a soft spot for all of them. 
 ShyBoy is one of the originals and now I worry😿

We have been to the beach to see the sunset. The beach
 is packed.  Puerto Ricans love the water and every spare
 minute they have is spent at the beach.  Enjoying good times
 and loving life.  They are always smiling and happy ⛱

Sunsets in Puerto Rico.  From the beach and below 
from our building.  Either way, they are beautiful.

Good days and bad days are part of life.  
Stay positive and you will always be happy...