Apr 12, 2021

New Week- Monday April 12th

  Opportunities hide in unexpected 
places, you only need to look closely. 
Have a great week ahead...

As the new week begins I wonder what new 
and exciting prospects it may hold.  Today we 
go venturing out into the San Juan area for
 Sniff’s foodies and for Arvids bread 😻

The PetSmart we have in our area has a limited
 selection of the food Sniff likes, and there
 is no “Whole Foods” store in the area.  

When we came to PR we brought with us 
6 loaves of bread from Florida but it’s soon done.
  Arvid is not happy.  He love's his bread and the one's 
in the "regular" grocery stores just don't do it 
for him.  Not here not in Florida either.

Yesterday we had a great time with my sister 
and Kimsy. Unfortunately J was not able to make it.  
Puerto Rico is back to everything being all open.

The place was packed and there was life all around us
  it was very good to see people having a good time again. 
 The cops were in the background reminding everyone 
should they forget to keep their distances and to maintain
 their masks in place.  Different times that’s for sure.

We had dinner at our favorite spot where the 
view is the centerpiece of the entire dining experience. 
 Food and drinks of course were good, but the view...

Have already done my walk for today, fed the 
kitties and now to enjoy a little quiet time with 
Sniff before Arvid wakes us, and life gets hectic.
Good morning and happy new week to all.

No one dares stand in the way of a moving train. 
This week, you will be unstoppable. Have a great week ahead. 
Three things you shouldn’t lose this week; your faith, your
 courage, and your smile. Happy new week