Apr 3, 2012

10 Things You Can Clean in the Dishwasher....

I have to admit that I am one of those people that thinks the dishwasher is a miracle...

Bet you did not know you could clean the following items in the dishwasher?  Dishwashers are real time-savers for cleaning many household and personal items and, according to an article I just read you can now clean these items in the dishwasher.  Read on to find out how you can save yourself some serious scrubbing just by putting the following items in the dishwasher.

1. Glass Globes from Light Fixtures

2. Shower Heads and Faucet Handles
3. Plastic Hair Brushes, Combs, Clips and Barrettes

4. Baseball Hats and Visors
5. Plastic Toys

6. Pet Bowls and Toys

7. Kitchen Dish Sponges and Brushes  

8. Kitchen Appliance Parts
9. Butter Dishes, Sugar Bowls, Spoon Rests, and Salt and Pepper Shakers

10. Personal Care Items
If you care to know more just click on the link below to read the entire article.
10-things you can clean in the dishwasher
In today's world given our busy lifestyles,  it is all about making life easier and more efficient.  Everything helps.

The idea is to make decisions and act on them — to decide what is important to accomplish, to decide how something can best be accomplished, to find time to work at it and to get it done...