Dec 11, 2012

Getting There...

If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn't ask me, I'd still have to say it...

What a crazy afternoon this had been.  It was supposed to just be cleaning setting up the Internet and cable TV in preparation for my parents visit. How difficult can this be? 

Well let me tell you it can get difficult and at times very stressful when you have to deal with someone over the phone for hours on end.  First of all we requested wireless Internet.  The modem was mailed and of course it was the wrong one. We call up the company.  After be on hold for a very long time we were finally told how very sorry they were and that we could  go and get a new wireless box at so and so place.  OK.  Sounds good to us.

So we go. The place is packed with over 50 people. Not being patient, neither of us wanted to wait so we walked out if there, even though we knew we would have to still face the lines another time.  Needless to say Arvid had to make the trip again and this time we got the right stuff!  Happy we were!
That being said an done we got the Internet working.  Nothing better than being connected. Can't have my mom and dad stay at our house and have no Internet!

Now the TV is another story.   I had to call it in.  Register and set it  up online.  That did not work.  Then it was back on the phone calling customer service again.  After being on the line for one hour on Sunday, we were told it may take a while for the signal to come to the TV.  Hours probably.  As you know patience is not a virtue of ours.  Neither of us wanted to wait so we left knowing we would have to comeback and set it up all over again if this failed.  This was Sunday.  
Sometimes in life even the least patient of people have to know when patience is required.  It is not the ability to wait, but it’s the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

  Come Monday we went back to see it it works. Nope. No signal. Two hours on the line and both  Arvid and I are ready to strangle someone. Now it seems like we need a new cable box. The one we have is new. Also mailed to us by our cable provider. Comcast. 

Seems like the next step is to send out a technician to the house. Boy whomever thought that to get a TV to work would be so difficult?  
Before you plugged in a TV and it worked. Now you have a cable box which
needs a signal that is sent to the TV and so forth...   Too complicated

But in a good note the fridge is getting stocked for my mom and dad...Lots of beer, wine and other goodies.

Happy Holidays!
Arvid and I will get everything working its just frustrating that nothing is simple anymore.  Anyway, all is good.  Now to wait until the TV technician comes with a new box and to check the cable lines around the house.  At least Arvid made sure that it will be fixed before my parents arrive.

We're happy.  All is good.  Now to relax and enjoy the day!
Hope yours is good and don't let your daily stresses
 interfere with you having a good time.   Life is to be enjoyed!

Being happy is one of my top priorities in life, and I practice this feeling each and every day...