Dec 1, 2012


Begin, be bold and venture to be wise..
Put your future in good hands - your own... 
Arvid as I have mentioned many times before, is happiest when making a deal.  He does not care what the deal is, but if he can make it happen the man glows.  As usual I am always by his side and together we exchange pros and cons against the possibility of accomplishing such a deal.  In the end as I have said, a dead is a deal and if he can make it happen full force we go.

Arvid is not your usual person.  His ideas are all creative and his way of thinking in never conventional.  Seems like we are an exact match for each other.  This is another reason that keeps our relationship always brimming with excitement, sometimes the unexpected.  Not necessarily always great, but definitely never a dull moment.
The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react.
Arvid has been doing Real Estate for over 20 years, and he has been trading ever since he was a little boy in Norway.  From a boy he always liked to collect stamps.  He has many stamp books he traded with his brother as kids..that was the start of his stamp collection days.

It was not until recently, that he did additional trades for stamps.  In the beginning I was skeptical, but right away I said, "sure, why not diversify."  We did and we have not looked back.  Just for fun, we traded our boat for stamps.  We traded the stamps and some cash for a condo in Montana.

When I went to NY, Arvid asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico.  This was three weeks ago.  There is only one answer to such a question.  He said when you come back we will have a place there.  I told my mom about it and he response, "if anyone can do it, that's Arvid."  Moms are never wrong.

Not having the Lil Red House anymore pens up opportunities to discover other places.  We have been making plans ever since.  All I hope is that the timing does not conflict with when my mom and dad are here.  I never like to go anywhere when I know they are visiting.  Any other time is fair game, except  of course our time also in Chicago..

Something new to look forward to. I think Arvid and I strive on that. As Arvid said to Brutus last night, "boysie we are going to Mexico, but Mexico is not for little kitty cats.  It's better for you to be at home."
Whatever happens we are always ready!

Have a great day everyone and why not dream big!  We always do:)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And venture belongs to the adventurous..
Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire..