Feb 10, 2014

Going To Be A Good day...

They say...everything happens for a reason.
Life is too short to wait....

Just when we were getting all excited that Brutus was heading in the right direction (paw wise), 
these last two days convinced us that this was probably us being a little too optimistic.  
Seems like he is back to biting the paw and opening up the wounds.  Under the paw was 
almost healed, but today it is back to being open, bleeding and again I worry about litter
being caught in it.  He has also bitten above and on the side of the paw.  Now again a few 
stressful days as we watch him and just hope that he stops this biting.

Otherwise, Brutus is as usual a ball of activity.  Running, playing and
as of the last few months getting more and more cozy with us.  He is Arvid's
shadow.  A shadow Arvid is extremely happy to have.  My parents and Liliana
were here for dinner the other night and all they saw was one happy happy kitty.

As Sundays go we usually go out to dinner.  Most of the times to places we know.
We find a place, we like the food and we stick to it.  Simple as that, but yesterday
we checked out a new place recommended by a friend.  Not bad at all.

The day was even more special because we were lucky enough to spot
Manatees swimming in the canal.  I just love marine life and this was a treat.
Here you can check out more.  Manatees  That being said I did manage to get a picture.

Perfect ending of the day was spending time with my parents.
Today we woke up to a beautiful day.  I took Brutus out for a walk in the
balcony where he saw the neighbors dog (in their balcony).  Amazingly enough, Brutus
was not afraid nor was he interested in the dog.  He seems more interested in people.

Good morning everyone...make the day count!

May you always live in interesting times.
Stop worrying about what you have to lose and start focusing
 on what you have to gain....