Feb 5, 2014

Just Saying...

It's simple, be you.
If you're not being you you're  being someone else.
You are not here to be someone else...

Just yesterday as I was waiting at the doctors office, I checked Facebook and a few things 
"popped" up on my page.  With nothing better at the time, I clicked and I read a little more about it.
Well..all it did was make me wonder about people.  This one was a page for people who live
in Fort Lauderdale or are from the Fort Lauderdale area.  I just happened to glance through
 a little when I noticed that many of the so called members are not even from Florida.  They
 live in Europe, but I swear they think they are more American than the actual American. 
 For some reason this annoyed me.

Why you might ask??  Not sure.  Maybe it was not the right moment for me.
I see postings and there are people living not even in the US, yet posting all about
things that are happening daily here in Florida.  There are those who just visit and 
from the moment they land we know of their every move.  I mean if one was really a 
stalker you can track their every move just by checking FB. 

Guess I am just not in the right frame of mind right now.  Just the other night
I saw postings from people who have never heard or seen a Super Bowl posting
like as if this was their main sport.  They were all ready for Kickoff it seems.
Just makes me wonder.. you know that just about everything about FB is hype and fake, 
but to see people you actually know do these things makes me even more annoyed.

Well now I have vented.  Until the next time I see something that irritates me.
It's like I said to Arvid, "can you see me joining a group called Horten?"  That's
his hometown in Norway.  He said, "nope. Not you."  That's for sure.

Well not to get ready for another day.  Lots to do and best part of all is that we will
 be meeting my parents for lunch.  Yes, it is after all a very good day.

Have a good day friends.
Remember be yourself.  You don't have to prove anything to anyone.
As far as I'm concerned the person who is constantly trying to impress others 
lacks self confidence.  Unfortunately, I see that in too many people.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think. Not wonder.
Not imagine.  No obsess. Just breathe.  And have faith
that everything will work out for the best.
Don't worry be happy...