Feb 3, 2014

Good Times..

Make today ridiculously AMAZING...

This has been a pretty good weekend we have just had.  It was relaxing, fun and we did
 a little of everything.  We had an outing out with my parents to Bayside in Miami.  At the same 
time we did a little work and we had my mom and dad with us for the ride.  My mom loves 
drives so for her it was pretty cool to just sit back and be toured around.  Granted not in the 
usual places she and my dad would normally frequent, but even so as she puts it, "very interesting 
and relaxing"  She loves to see new places and experience everything.  Just like me.  
We had a great time all of us.  This called for a glass of wine.

We started out by taking some friends to Miami International Airport.  They were on their
 way to Norway and since they have two little kids they were not too happy with the Taxi
 service.  They asked and we were more than happy to do so.  We got to driver there very 
very big car and to spend time with the tow little ones.  Isabel and Victor are just adorable. 
 Isabel not yet 3 saw that my hair looked a bit straighter and asked her dad "why does 
Nadiya look different?  Did she cut her hair?"  Cutie.

After dinner we took my parents around town again and toured them through
places they have never been to.  Both happy and by the time the trip was over
I am sure they were happy to just go home and relax  until the next day.

Saturday we visited with my parents again.  There Arvid and my dad did some
"work" on the huge tree stump we now have.  Arvid is positive that if he 
drills holes in the tree and pours salt into it, it will soon die.  My dad was a 
willing participant.  Even I was helping out with the drilling of the holes.  Was fun.
After all that work it was time for my dad and Arvid to have a cold one...or two or three.

By the evening Arvid was starting to feel antsy so we went out with friends to listen to 
music.  As usual always a good time with friends.  Music was OK, food was good, but
the company was best.  It was also a good opportunity to drive along the beach and
experience some of the night life.  Cruising along A1A is always a good time for us.

Sunday as usual we had a few soccer games on TV, went out and had a good
meal, then it was time to watch the Super Bowl.  Neither of us follows it, but
the commercials are pretty cool and the halftime entertainment is always entertaining.
Plus we had a bet going so therefore it was a must to see.  

All in all it was a good weekend.  New week begins today.  Yeah!  No doctor
for me today, but tomorrow is another thing.  Well one day at a time and for now
it is a good day.  Will be spending time with my parents so I'm happy!!!

Wishing you all a good day and remember to always
appreciate the times you are happy!!

You can't change what happened last week,
but you can learn from it,  and choose happiness this week...