Aug 1, 2014


I miss you on two occasions,
that's DAY and NIGHT...

Missing my little fur baby.
Been here for a while now.  All is good.
Seeing everyone and spending time with them is all good.

But, and there is always a but, a part of me is sad.  I am missing our baby.
Brutus is home alone and though being well cared for by Liliana and Wendy, I 
can't help but miss his little face.  His baby cries and just about everything about him.

My days are not complete until I hear from either Wendy or Liliana how he's doing.
Also every time they send me a picture of him both Arvid and I are, "ohhh Brutus."

We are having a good time, but I worry about Brutus.  Can't help it.  He needs 
medicines all the time and he is difficult so I just hope everything goes well and his
paw does not flare up even more because of his acting out.  Brutus has ATTITUDE issues!!!

Well everyone have a good day. Lots to do and family to visit.  
All's good, but it will be better as soon as I hear from Wendy.

Sometimes when one person is missing,
the whole world seems depopulated....