Aug 13, 2014

Going Home...

Summer will end soon enough, but not the memories made...

It has been good seeing everyone.  There is something very special going on when in 
the company of family.  Stronger bonds are built and friendships renewed,
 but there is something even more special at the thought of going home.
Home to your own bed, surroundings and in our case home to Brutus.

It has been 20 + days now since we have been away from home.  For me 
the longest time ever.  This has been a good summer.  Started out incredibly hot,
but it got better by the end.  We have had some very good times with friends and family. 

But, yes there is always a but.  Home is where we belong and home is where we want to be.
Home is where we will be in a few days.  Home where Brutus is and where
is the best place on earth.  Norway's summer is over for us; it was great, but
like all good things it has come to an end.

Until we meet again.

Every summer has it's own story,
and ours was no exception.  To good times.  It will be repeated....