Aug 20, 2014

Some Work.. Some Leisure...

Hard work is what we have to pay for a meaningful happy life...

The good thing about having a flexible work schedule is that you can more or less
 schedule your time how best suits you.  Exactly what I did today and fortunately most days.

As usual the mornings are for catching up and taking care of immediate business. 
Brutus also needs lost of things done so I also had an hour of just doing stuff for him. 
 Lots of cleaning and pampering goes to him everyday and I love it as well.

Today it was banking day, post office always some paperwork, going to the Whole Foods 
store where everything is fresh and there are many choices.  This one chore that I 
consider a fun thing to do.  Always so much to check out and I can spend quite
 some time in there when I have nothing too pressing to do.  Today was not
 that day, but even so it was nice to go there again and get our stuff.

A few more chores taken care of and I still had leftover time before I had to come 
home and make lunch.  Being with Arvid I have learnt to do everything even faster.
That meant I was able to go and get a manicure-pedicure.  One of my indulgences.

Total relaxation today and what better way than to enjoy it with a cup 
of coffee while I was getting pampered and beautified?  

Before and after.  Big difference.  Just hope the manicure lasts for a few days.
Now it's back to work and preparing lunch.  So good to be home!!!!
To all a good day.  What a big difference a day makes!!!

Just a reminder that when you work hard you can also play hard...

When work is a pleasure, life is a joy.
When work is a duty life is a slavery...