Aug 14, 2014


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. 
We have only today. Let us begin...

Our final week in Norway.  Monday was a little trip to Sweden.  
Tuesday we had most of the morning and some of the afternoon to ourselves.  
Nice. Tuesday dinner was with Molly, Michelle, Emil and Aleah.  Also very nice.  
Missing was Victoria and Michael.  They just got back from vacation and were busy at work.

Wednesday we had some time alone again, then it was a visit to a customer for Arvid
while I enjoyed a little time alone at the mall.  Something about malls me relaxed and cheerful.
Especially here where there is really not that much to do in Arvid's hometown.  Very small,
but on the other hand it is safe and everyone knows everyone so difficult to get into trouble here.

Arvid was so tired of not doing much he fell asleep a little during the day.  We are
used to being busy and truthfully when on vacation one just relaxes and the mind slowly
goes to sleep.  Time for us to go and get busy again.  We are both looking forward to going home.

Even so, we are having good times with everyone.  yesterday we had dinner at his
brother and girlfriend's home.  There were also two of Arvid's cousins and their
wife/girlfriend present. I was really happy because I met a very interesting
 woman  and I think if I lived in Norway we could be good friends.
We also had good food a great start of a good evening.

Later today we go to Victoria and Michael's for a visit.  Little father
daughter chat and Arvid has a few things to show to them.
Looking forward to that very much.

Tomorrow our last day here we all get together at Michelle and Emil's home.
Will  be another good evening with good food and good company.
As usual the last evening is always sad.  Though we are
happy to be going home it is also sad to be leaving.
Life...not always the way we want, but....

The day has started out beautiful with the glimpse of the rainbow.
Good things are definitely in store for us...

To all a good day.  For us it is just 2 more days until we are home.
Going to make the most of them..

There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.
Time spent with family is time well spent. 
Family is the one constant element in life...