Aug 3, 2014

Notodden Blues Festival... Norway

Life has tested us with bad times.
Life has gifted us with good times...

  No matter where we go, Arvid and I always find music.
First things first.  Tickets.

Then comes the buying of the cashless card.  Beers cost :)
So Arvid goes to buy the card and nothing makes him madder than to have to actually 
pay extra just to buy the card.  He fumed for quite a while until his beer came along.

Being there with friends also made the experience quite enjoyable.

Yesterday was a truly fun and entertaining day.  Music was great an
so was the company of our friends.  Rebecca is one very entertaining woman.

Today we enjoyed the company of Victoria, Michael and Molly, Arvid's mother.
We visited a place called 8 Glass in the town of Tjome.  A first for Arvid and I.
Right on the water, felt like home.   Very good time with family once again.

To all a good day and remember, happiness is only real when shared.

Good friends, good food, good times...