Jun 15, 2018

Friday ~

I don't work on Fridays.  I make appearances...

I'm tired.  Every week it seems I get stung by a spider. 
 Hopefully a different on.  This has taken a toll on me.  I am not
 sure why but the last few days I have been pretty lethargic. 

 I blame it on the spider bite, not the fact that we are experiencing 
100+ degrees Fahrenheit in temperatures.  To stay cool Arvid 
and I went driving to a "beach"  There was sand and the water was 
cool to the touch.  Made for a refreshing afternoon.  And no, we did
 not swim.  If we don't swim in the beaches in Florida, small 
chance we would here in Branson, but it was pretty.

I have never eaten so much ice-cream as I have so far in Branson.
 On the other hand, I have never seen Arvid eat this much either. 
 He enjoys a little ice-cream everyday be it at home or out.  He keeps telling
 me he will soon stop. He does not gain weight, so I tell him, "enjoy."

Very happy it's Friday.  Though the week has gone by fast,
 I am exhausted.  Looking forward to the weekend and to doing 
something fun.  Arvid keeps telling me we have to slow down and
 live again.  I am all for it, but as long as we still have the hotel,
 that will be my first priority.  I just can't shut if off.

Everyone at Almost Home is really enjoying the pool.  I even take time
 to feel the water and sometimes just let my feet cool off for a little.
  Refreshing.  Now it's very warm, but still it feels so good.

Wishing everyone a good weekend.  Who knows maybe
 today we go and enjoy Happy Hour at our favorite spot
 at the Landings.   I can already taste the Sangria.

Have to wait and see how the day goes, but
 I know I am already wanting Sangria.  Today is extra special 
because today is Kimsy's birthday.  Happy birthday
 Kimsy, I love you with all my heart.

Happy Friday and happy start of the weekend all.
We got that Friday feeling.  Life sure is good.

Every Friday I like t high five myself for getting
 through another week on little more than caffeine, 
will power and inappropriate humor...