Jun 9, 2018

Loving Life ~

Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy...

We at Almost Home are once again hosting a dinner for the tenants.  
Yesterday I started cooking for 60 to 70 people.  Most would say, 
"why don't you have it catered?"  Arvid asked me that several 
times, but the truth is that many of the tenants asked me to make
 certain things they like.  Specifically my coleslaw.  To that 
I also made potato salad, an asparagus, green bean and
 corn salad and today I will make the rice and beans.

We catered the chicken and we will also be doing a BBQ.  
Lots of desserts as well.  Chris and Tiffany are also making potato 
salad so I know we will have a lot of food.  With what I have already made
 I am sure it will be enough for the tenants, but I always go more than less.

I have already made a few foil containers of coleslaw and potato salad.  
I had to empty the entire fridge to make room for the containers.  
Arvid as not happy when he saw his Smirnoff Vodka on the 
countertop, but he let that slide.  What he did not let slide was me
 taking out the one bottle of Landshark beer from the fridge. 
 He said, "that stays"  We were bot happy with that.

We had an opening yesterday and before the day was over I 
got a phone call from a previous tenant asking if we had any openings.
  We had him before, therefore the decision was easy.   He told me he 
would not be in town until Tuesday, but I told him if he wanted the 
room he would have to take it as of today and pay for it.  No hesitation. 
 He gave me his card and.. he has a room.  He was super happy.

Saturday.  It is going to be a great day.  The birds are already singing.  
The sun is shining and the skies are blue.  Best of all Sniff is next to me.

A positive mind towards everything will give you a happier life...