Jun 14, 2018

This Thing Called Life ~

Life is the greatest mystery.  You never know
 where it will take you and when it will end...

With this being said you never know what to expect from
 one minute to another.  Everything that was suddenly going so swell 
can turn to mush in the blink of an eye.  I have lived it so I know
 it, and I have seen it happen to so many.  Nothing that 
we can do but ride that wave and hope it passes.

One day at a time is sometimes the only thing to do.  I am the type 
who likes to know everything in advance, but I have also learnt that
 this is not possible, and at times when I think I know what 
the future holds, it never turns out to be that way.

Arvid has a more easy going look on things.  He says he prefers
 to not know, "so please don't tell me" is what he says to me. 

 Sometimes it can be very annoying because when I do
 tell him he really does not show an interest.  Many a times I just
 don't tell him anymore.  Don't see the need anymore.

Our days are nice and warm.  By the time Arvid comes home he
feels the need for us to go out and explore a little or as he puts it,
"let's go and have ice-cream."  Yesterday was again one of
 those days.   Beautiful scenery, warm weather and good
company made for the perfect evening outing.

Sometimes we spend so much time wishing for the 
"better," that we fail to be thankful for the "now."