Jun 22, 2018

Summer Days ~

and the livin is easy...

Yesterday I saw one of our young tenants walking around
 with his pants hanging all the way down to almost his knees.
 He's one of the new "kids" and he's from Florida.  

Like everyone who comes to Almost Home I read them the riot 
act before I take them as a tenant.  If they think they can follow the 
rules they stay.  When I asked him why he was walking around 
the property with his pants almost falling out he said, "I did not 
know there was anything wrong with that."  I looked at him, 
and I said, "you don't see anything wrong with your pants almost
 falling off?  You have to hold on to them when you walk.  
What is wrong with you?  Where is your common sense?"

When I start I go on and do not stop until I have made my point. 
 I told him that this was his first and last warning and if I 
should catch him roaming around the property dressed like
 this again he can start to pack his bags and leave.

Of course he was very apologetic, but tomorrow I will

see if he did it again.  They all get one chance to
 straighten p.  Second time they are gone.

We have been having some pretty amazing weather.  Not as hot as
 last week and the best part of it is that there is no humidity.  
Definitely a good place to be right now.  Summer time 
we are very happy to not be in Florida.

Sniff loves it here in Branson.  There is always something going on. 
 To keep him entertained while we are not at home I buy bird 
food, and leave it out for them.  Sniff can spend hours just looking 
at them.  After that he is exhausted and goes right to sleep.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day ahead, and an excellent
weekend as well.  Enjoy these beautiful summer days we are
 having because before you know it, summer will
be over and the cold will set in again.

And at the end of the day your
 feet should be dirty, your hair messy 
and your eyes sparkling...