Jun 11, 2018

Hello Monday ~

Let today be the start of something new and wonderful...

The weekend came and went in a flash.  The month is soon half
 done and as my sister said to me in just about 6 months it will 
be Christmas again.  Time as we know waits for no one.  

That being said we had a very good weekend.  Saturday was 
our gathering with all the tenants at Almost Home.  That 
went well, but as always I cooked way too much food. 

 I will one day realize to do what Arvid says, "cook half of 
what you usually do."  For now I am happy that no one went 
hungry and there was tons of leftover for everyone.

One of our tenants bough a beautiful cake and she said to me,
 "I want you to try it before everyone else does and its all done."
  As beautiful a s the cake was, it was also very delicious.  
Once it was cut it did not last long.  Everyone loved it.

A new work week begins.  I never know what to expect, but am ready to face it.  We have been very fortunate that whenever we have an open room at Almost Home we have been able to rent it out within the day.  

Sunday as always Arvid and I had a very nice outing.  After
 being with everyone on Saturday, we realized how important
 it is for us to have a day by ourselves.  Just peaceful and 
very relaxing without all that "babble" as he calls it.  

We really enjoy our time alone on Sundays.  Even when 
we visit family for a long length of time we try to spend Sundays 
on our own.  It's therapy and it is something that we need.

To all a great start of the new work week.  Make it a spectacular one.

Brand new week ahead of you to slay dragons,
achieve goals, sweat more, gripe less and ditch the fear!  Go!
It's Monday time to sparkle and shine...