Apr 19, 2021

New Week ~

 You have to fight through some bad
 days to earn the best days of your life... 

New week already upon us.  April is more than halfway don.

Early morning walk done.  Coffee done, Sniff fed and 
then it was time to have a little quiet time before Arvid is awake.
  Once he's up, you never know what will happen.  Can be good, 
and at times exhausting, but never a boring moment 😂

One of the 3 pools in our complex.  Unfortunately this one
 is not yet open.  As of right now only the main pool is open.

We are enjoying our time here in Puerto Rico. 
 It's beautiful and it's relaxing.  That being said, I look 
forward to one of theses days being back home in Florida.  

The when I don't know.  In the meantime, we are
 enjoying our life here in Puerto Rico and grateful for the
 opportunity to call this beautiful island home for now.

Mornings are even more special because I get to say hi to
 my furry friends and to feed them.  I love this routine.

 A girl’s favorite songs will tell you more 
about how she feels than her lips ever will...