Apr 16, 2021

Friday Feels ~

 Each day has a different shape to it.  You just roll with it...

Amenities in our building have reopened following 
certain guidelines.  The pools, the gym with appointments can 
now be used.  I asked Arvid if he thinks we will go to the pool,
 his answer was "most likely not."  Does not surprise me.  

 Back home in Florida we rarely used it.  We do have 3
 pretty pools here in our complex.  This being the main one.

Fridays we usually go to the beach.  Have a Pina Colada and 
catch a little of the sunset.  Hopefully today will do the same.  
Depends on how Arvid is feeling.  I had no side effects from
 the vaccine other that a little soreness to the arm, but nothing 
even worth mentioning.  See how or if Arvid feels anything.

A great day to all.  Make each day your masterpiece.

The only secret behind a good day is a good attitude...