Apr 21, 2021

Wednesday April 20th ~

 My new normal is to continually get used to new normals...

So the other day I got a notification from our neighborhood 
app in Fort Lauderdale.  Very surprised we were.  Our condo was
 on The New River.  Arvid's comment, "it's going to hell. 😂"

Wednesday already.  Halfway into the week.  That sure 🌞
 went by fast.  We are having warm and sunny days.  Very 
beautiful and perfect for afternoon walks along the beach.

Puerto Rico has been under a new curfew for the
 last two weeks.  Restaurants close at 9pm.  By 7:30 P. M.
 is when the last order for food is taken.  Alcohol only served
 while you are consuming a meal.  Makes it difficult to
 do much these days in the evenings, but still not bad.

 By 10 pm everyone in the island has to be home or 
wherever it is they stay.  Otherwise you risk a fine.  I got 
this from my friend Anna.  She lives in California, yet 
she's informed as to the situation in Puerto Rico 😄

Finished with my walk.  Made a few new friends along
 the way.  Fed the kitties, took care of Sniff and it's now coffee
 time and a little more quiet time before Arvid is up 😍

Good morning all.  Made it a day to remember.

Great attitude is like a perfect cup of coffee.  Don't start 
your day without it.  Wake up every morning with the thought
 that something wonderful is about to happen...