Mar 19, 2022

Another Day at Work ~

 Sometimes the best way to appreciate
 something is to be without it for a while...

Almost Home is full, it’s very quiet and we are
 getting caught up on what needs to be done.  Feels 
good and relaxing.  Makes for a peaceful day.

The other we made contact again with the guy who
 does the pest control every month.  He was surprised, and
 glad to see us.  And he also vacations in Florida. Preventive
 maintenance is what we are doing right now since everything
 is quiet.  Better now than when things do go wrong.

I have already learnt the names of all the tenants
 and their room numbers.  Arvid not as yet.  Names are
 not his strong point, but keeping the accounts in order,
 no one like him.  Together we work really well.

It feels good to be back and at the same time 
it’s strange.  Was definitely not what we expected
 when we came to Branson.  Life happens.

After almost nine days we are done cleaning the 
previous owners' room.  The condition it was in 
was terrible.  Today you could eat off the floors. 
It’s spotless. I know I could live in it.

I have been laying down the rules on a few 
people 🤫, Arvid said I am “meaner than a junkyard 
dog”. I am just firm. When Arvid is mad, the tenant
 is OUT!  We complement each other well.

I’ve been trying to bring my lunch to work rather
 than eating out everyday.  So far it’s a 50/50 thing.

Our days are busy. We get home and there is
 still more to do, but in the big picture all is going 
well, and Almost Home is running smoothly. 
 Can't and won't complain.  Could be worse.

Find peace, mindfulness and 
conscious purpose by being grateful 
for what you have in your life...