Mar 7, 2022

New Week.

 You are in control. Never
 allow your Monday to be manic...

As the new week begins, Arvid and I are once again
 going to be very busy.  The last week was exhausting, at the 
same time very rewarding. We pushed ourselves and accomplished
 quite a few things.  It just goes to show that sometime being 
under pressure is a sure way to make one strive to excel.  

Hopefully this week will be a little gentler to us. 
 My body aches, but my brain is once again alive and firing
 away. My goal is to survive the week and to accomplish 
as many of my goals as possible  if I can master just a
 few things I set out to do then I am super happy.

Sniff is good.  Arvid and I are also doing good, just a
 little tired.  On Saturday Arvid and celebrated 22 years
 together   Arvid remembered the date, unfortunately
 🤫 I didn’t.  Next year I will, but everyday I do.

  He surprised me and that’s all I will say.  The 
man is a true romantic and I do love him so ❤️

Last night we had another tornado warning.  Initially 
we had no idea if we would be in the path of it or not. 
 For a while there it was scary to the point where we got
 everything prepared to head down to the basement.  Sniff
 was scared.  Very scared, but we never left him alone.

Wishing everyone a good week ahead;  give it your best shot
 and you’re already a winner.  Hello Monday.  We are ready.

Think smart, work smarter. Achieve
 great results. Live today. Not yesterday...