Mar 16, 2022

Wednesday March 16th ~

 Success doesn’t just find you. 
You have to go out and get it...

Meanwhile back home in Florida, the days are bright, the
 palm trees are swaying and everyone is just having a jolly merry
 time in the sun.  How I miss the Sunshine State this minute.

Believe it or not we have seen a few cars here in our 
area with Florida plates, and a few of our neighbors in our
 complex are currently vacationing in Florida.  And to think
 we lived there.  Don't get me wrong, I like Branson, but it is 
definitely not as beautiful as Florida, nor Puerto Rico

For over a year, we woke up to this every morning while 
we lived in Puerto Rico.  Yes, this is the view from our then 
balcony in Puerto Rico.  How I miss that island, my sister, Kimsy 
and my kitties.  In the blink on an eye, our lives have changed.

Change is not bad.  It makes you grow and takes you
 out of your comfort zone.  We are ready for it.  Always. 
 Good morning and a beautiful day to all.  Life is good
 and everyday is an opportunity to strive and do better.

The only limit to your impact is 
your imagination and commitment...