Mar 30, 2022

New Day Wednesday

 Don't miss out on something that could be
 great just because it could also be difficult...

Sniff finds comfort in the closet under my clothes.
  Whenever I don't see him, I know where he took off to. 
 And yes, he gets clean linens to lay on there as well. 
Sniff is never not well cared for and loved.

Allery season is here, and once again I have it in a bad way. 
 Started yesterday for me.  Nonstop sneezing and watery eyes.
  Yep, happy times ahead.  Will most likely have to confine
 myself in the office for some days, and that it not me.

One of my original tenants from 2017 checked out 
Monday evening.  Room already rented by Thursday.
  Robert, Arvid and I have a huge job on our hands. 
 First turnaround in this room in five years.

 First thing we did, mainly Arvid, was to remove trash.  
That includes furniture.  The tenants enjoy watching 
Arvid smash things apart.  No one like Arid when it comes 
to doing these things.  He is strong. He's a one man show.

When it comes to cleaning, then I get involved.  Together
 with our maintenance guy, we clean, and not to brag
 but I clean probably better than anyone I know.

My hands are all split open from bleach.  Yeah, gloves
 rip open, but cleaning does not stop.  My clothes are 
discolored from being on my knees scrubbing, and 
yes, bleach is all over them.  That's how it is.

I'm bone tired and today more of the same 😂

Because this is our life and that's 
the only explanation you need...